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Infrastructure reviews 'do not have to be daunting'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies should not be scared of implementing infrastructure reviews for their data management and other processes.

This is the view of Howard Hall, managing director at DTP Group, who says that infrastructure reviews do have to bring about large-scale changes.

He explained: "Whilst not a small step, a company of any size should also consider its IT infrastructure.

"You don't always need to replace what you have in order to improve your IT environment, however, you can add to it and improve its efficiency."

Mr Hall says that many companies shy away from reviewing infrastructure as they are perceived to be costly, but the potential efficiency savings can be substantial for companies in the long term.

Interarbor Solutions principal analyst Dana Gardner recently suggested that too many firms in the IT sector are prioritizing the introduction of new technology ahead of efficient data management processes that protect the integrity of information.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler