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Innovation is driving e-commerce forward

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Forward-thinking online merchants have been the driving force behind e-commerce growth over the past few years, it has been suggested.

According to Forbes columnist Patricia Nakache, there has been a growth in ecommerce sales of 19 per cent in the last decade - far bigger than that of retail outlets.

"Online merchants, emulating their online media counterparts, have gradually recognized the value of search engine optimization to drive free users to their sites through natural search," she comments.

However, the next big challenge for vendors has been to convert visitors into buyers, something which many have achieved by making their content more consumer-friendly.

Ms Nakache claims this has been achieved by "streamlining the checkout process" and adding "deep, relevant content" to sites.

In addition, the expert suggests that many online organizations are now recognizing the value of search engine optimization (SEO)

The dropshipaccess blog recently claimed that without effective SEO visitors will not be able to find a companies' website and sales will inevitably suffer.

Posted by Richard Jones