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Insufficient addresses 'will no longer be delivered'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Parcels containing only a street address will no longer be delivered to their destination in Wyoming, it has been revealed.

Due to budget shortfalls, local postal workers will no longer look up post office box numbers for parcels carrying only this information, the Jackson Hole Daily reports.

Al DeSarro, a spokesman for the US Postal Service (USPS), told the news provider that staff at the organisation will give up the long-running voluntary practice in an attempt to streamline the group's operations.

"We try to do these things as a courtesy. The Jackson post office workers have been doing this out of the goodness of their hearts," he commented.

Mr DeSarro went on to say it takes too much time for clerks to continue to do this and the USPS is axing the service as part of an ongoing efficiency drive.

Earlier this week, the Daily News reported that around 600 residents in Massachusetts were charged late payment fines after excise bills were sent to bad addresses by Franklin town treasury.