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Insurers struggle with increase web demand

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A large number of insurance company websites are struggling to cope with the increased demand for their services, it has been claimed.

An article by has suggested that upgrading existing technology is one method that could be used to help cope with the increased traffic.

Insurance comparison sites are not the only companies that can suffer from performance bottlenecks within back-end databases, the news provider added.

And Philip Mann, principal consultant at application performance software vendor and consultancy Macro 4, has encountered many organizations struggling with exactly the same problem.

However, the expert warned that fixing it was not always a simple case of upping server power.

"The great danger is wasting time tuning something that was not running that badly in the first place, instead of focusing on finding out which processes or jobs are being used where, and what sort of service individual applications are getting from the system,” he said.

Posted by Paul Newman