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Integrate cross-channel marketing without compromising data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Reaching out to customers on a single channel might not be enough to get them to click through to landing pages and make purchases anymore. Cross-channel marketing - combined with effective data quality - has become a much more effective strategy for targeting individuals who are armed with smartphones and use social media pages to keep up with their friends and follow their favorite brands.

In fact, companies that integrate their social networking campaigns and email outreach tend to see 28 percent higher open rates, according to a survey by VerticalResponse.

"The numbers clearly show that those who broadcast content across multiple online touch points are getting a lot more engagement than those who don't," said VerticalResponse CEO Janine Popick.

However, cross-channel initiatives go beyond those two communication routes. Business 2 Community additionally lists mobile, telemarketing, television, radio, webinars, blogs and direct mail.

In order to create a seamless brand experience across all of these formats, companies must break down departmental silos. If they don't, they could face inconsistencies and errors as information is shared throughout campaigns. Data quality becomes crucial to cross-marketing success because one small mistake can have a rippling effect that dampens the success of future efforts, according to Data Informed.