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Intel joins data center efficiency drive

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Intel has joined a group of investors supporting an energy efficiency drive for data center solutions.

The company's investment arm has provided cash for JouleX, contributing to its latest $17 million round of financing.

The president and chief executive of JouleX, Tom Noonan, explained that the investment will help to accelerate the available products to optimize energy usage and drive energy efficiency, which are "mission-critical for conducting business".

The network-based energy management system offers an insight into how power usage across the enterprise is distributed.

Measuring energy consumption and utilization of the attached devices and systems allows it to do this.

The news comes as Hewlett-Packard has launched its new prefab data center model, which involves building data centers in containers.

Thick support beams are surrounded by metal and the construction is designed to fit 44 standard, 19-inch racks, split into two rows.

Bright LED lights are provided to make it easy to inspect the equipment and the environmental systems are on the roof of the container, Computer World reported.