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Interest 'needs to be maintained' for data quality project success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been told that they need to ensure that they maintain the interest of all their employees when undertaking data quality initiatives.

According to IT Business Edge blogger Loraine Lawson, enterprises must follow up on starting projects by keeping them going over a period of time.

The industry expert noted that a recent survey conducted by Kalido had shown 80 per cent of large companies are now measuring and implementing data quality initiatives.

Ms Lawson said: "The trick, it turns out, isn't always getting business leaders and users involved, but holding their interest.

"When business departments resist participating or become fatigued with the process, the whole thing falls apart and you wind up with distrust in the data and the reports you produce with it."

Meanwhile, she added that data governance is another area where business leaders need to step up involvement, citing statistics which show that more business leaders are becoming involved with the topic.

Posted by Paul Newman