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Interfaces are 'standing in the way of data quality'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Business Intelligence (BI) analysts have argued that the use of these tools is getting in the way of good data practices, according to an industry commentator.

This is because many BI tools do not consume data in the format that it is already in, Kathleen Lau said on a blog for ITworld Canada.

She added: "For BI tools to reach the masses, it's necessary that all manner of user need not think about the context in which data lives. An analyst might care about data sources because he or she has been trained to understand them, but the average front line worker should only be served data in the form they require it.

"So while data can increasingly be served in a cleaner, more personalized manner, what good is it if user interfaces stand in the way of that data?"

Ms Lau cited data integration expert David Linthicum's view that data virtualization should be used to give a virtual layer to users, allowing them to interact with data regardless of the format or where it resides.