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International organizations present data challenges

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many companies have spread out over the world through long decades of growth. Such firms likely have a wide variety of informational resources. In a modern climate that prizes combining and using that data in one large group, how do they transform themselves? Marketing Week recently quizzed Zurich Financial Services' Simon Kaffel about those issues.

Kaffel told the source that convincing management of the need for a data management system is often one of the first steps to improving storage and use. He noted that combining information from a number of subsidiary businesses in various countries is also a high-level logistical problem, with translation issues and different usage cases cropping up.

The alliance between marketers and data professionals is relatively young but could be important. Kaffel told the source that Zurich has established connections within the company to make marketing workers aware of issues like data quality and ensure an even closer and more symbiotic relationship moving forward.

Some firms do not even know on an organizational level what data is available. Guardian contributor Benjamin Robbins stated that users should quiz themselves about their data resources. If they cannot think of how they would react to a specific informational issue, there may be a problem.