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Investing in address correction tools is 'vital'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US businesses have been warned that they only have one chance to capture customer's address data.

As such investing in a proven and quality address verification system is vital.

According to an article by TCM Net, some sub-standard address validation tools will fail to capture the "minimum data" required for success.

"For an address in the US to be deliverable, you need to provide street address, city, state, and zip code. It is possible to have data capture processes that do not require customers and employees to adhere to these minimum standards," the article noted.

The news provider explained that the amount that organizations choose to spend on data quality software and services is of paramount importance to the success of their business.

An earlier report by TCM Net suggests that address verification should be done at the point of capture and not later.

David Sims explained that businesses not utilizing address correction software can run the risk of storing invalid information.

Posted by Richard Jones