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Investing in data quality improvements is 'worthwhile'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality issues are widespread and costly problems which need to be dealt with by large manufacturers and retailers, it has been reported.

According to an article by Search Data Management, IT experts and technology professionals have highlighted the need for organizations to invest money into improving the standard of information which they store.

Andy Hayler, president and chief executive officer of Information Difference, told the news provider that improving product data quality is a worthwhile investment.

The expert claimed that as many as 20 or 30 per cent of typical product data master files could be duplicates or can contain incorrect information.

"You need to clean up the [product data quality] situation that you have now … and then put in place rules and processes that will prevent the situation [from] recurring," Mr Hayler explained.

"If you are trying to get your product data sorted out systemically, then it may be sensible to look at a more top-down approach."

An earlier article by the news provider suggested that data quality should be viewed as a company-wide issue.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler