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Investment issuer invests in business intelligence

Rachel Wheeler Archive
An investment issuer has chosen to invest in a business intelligence firm, citing its growing potential as their reason for doing so.

Valucap invested $250,000 in the business intelligence firm, creating a convertible debenture bearing interest at 15 per cent a year and maturing on February 28th 2013.

The investment can be converted into company shares based on a formula which is a function of valuation at the time of conversion.

Jeffrey Watts, president and chief executive officer of Valucap, explained that the progress of business intelligence has been impressive.

He added that it is clear from the firm's performance that there is demonstrable "commercial viability of their solutions and the ability of the platform to scale".

Valucap tends to focus its investments in emerging technologies and markets, making the up and coming area of business intelligence a logical focus.

It states that it is particularly keen to focus on companies that have high growth potential.