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Is cloud service usage getting out of control?

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As online retailers migrate towards the use of cloud-based systems and applications, one group is urging companies to review their data management operations.

Research conducted with 200 IT directors by Opsview found that 54 per cent of organizations are unsure of precisely how many cloud-based applications employees are using.

This contributed to 57 per cent of those polled expressing concern that costs for cloud-based services are set to spiral out of control.

Commenting on the research, James Peel, product manager at Opsview, said that the simplicity of getting cloud services up and running are one of their main draws.

However, without careful monitoring, companies are deploying more than they ever intended.

"You want to have a central way of tracking all of this stuff, so you can look at efficiency and what people are doing across departments to make sure people aren't doing things in a really inefficient way," Mr Peel explained.

Posted by Richard Jones