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Is your customer relationship software living up to expectations?

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customer relationship management (CRM) software used to enhance processes such as address verification may not be living up to many company's expectations.

One in three companies (32 per cent) claim that their CRM has only been partially successful, according to research by the National Computing Centre (NCC).

A similar number believe that while CRM has provided benefits, their existing system has fallen short in a number of areas.

However, CRM software is more important than it was three years ago, with 72 per cent agreeing that it is key to have an effective strategy in today's market.

NCC managing director Steve Fox explained that CRM has the capability to become "an enabler to deliver profitable value to customers".

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming CRM enablers for many companies, who can respond to queries and problems in real time, benefitting both organization and company.

Posted by Paul Newton