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IT becomes central to business development

Rachel Wheeler Archive
For many US firms, IT operations have become a central business issue.

According to James Peel, product manager at open source platform Opsview, advancements in technology and a change in the way in which business is conducted has made IT a central part of any operation.

He goes on to say that firms used to work around IT and data management, prompting complaints that the systems were not responsive to needs, but these have now merged.

However, Mr Peel says that IT departments also have to evolve data management processes with the introduction of cloud computing.

He explained: "They've got to adapt the way they work and probably stop being so controlling about everything.

"Also, the departments and employees that are using it have got to understand that the cloud is appropriate for some things but not for others."

Stuart Hibbert, chief executive of, recently suggested that cloud computing is now a viable option for many firms looking to store address data.

Posted by Paul Newton