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IT can transform higher education

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Higher education, similar to virtually every other industry, has a unique and sophisticated IT landscape that decision-makers need to deal with if organizations are to succeed. As colleges and universities continue to provide students, faculty and staff with more services for fewer dollars, administrators will be forced to accept the growing demand for innovative IT services.

A recent InformationWeek report said higher education facilities need to reevaluate their business models if they are to ensure longevity in today's world. In many cases, organizations are adopting cloud computing technologies to support online classes and remote participation, which help keep costs down without reducing the size of the student body. In fact, the cloud often helps strengthen population.

As more people participate in classes at home, however, administrators will need to be particularly vigilant about data quality, as sending classified information to the wrong person could lead to the exposure of sensitive resources.

In the coming years, the higher education industry will succumb to the cloud and other IT transformations, according to CIO.