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IT certification 'could boost CRM effectiveness'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A large number of IT professionals have attended a conference in Los Angeles to become certified, which could improve deployment of customer relationship management (CRM) suites in businesses.

David Elfassy, a Microsoft certified trainer, emphasises the importance of staff being able to demonstrate skills in order to best serve their current employers.

He states: "An employee that is better trained is less likely to cause any harm to the company through poor use of the software or downtime."

Those workers who are particularly skilled are more likely to get the most out of software such as CRM, maximizing the availability of the systems.

Elizabeth Jacobsen, human resources manager for Eze Castle Integration, states that it takes time to upskill staff but says that this allows her firm to remain its competitive advantage.

Earlier this month, vice president of business development at APTARE Robert Cordell tells that the cloud computing model reached popularity through its use of CRM.