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IT is not the key to data management, says expert

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A technical solution is not always the magic bullet for data management and governance, according to an expert.

Finn Rye, information security manager for a telecommunications company in south central Alaska, writing for Computer Weekly, explained that while technology is an essential part of data management, it should be considered a cog in the wheel rather than the be all and end all of the process.

"Successful data governance is arrived at through planning and communication, rather than focusing on it as a typical IT project," he said.

He claimed that businesses need to consider support and funding for their project, decide on their aims and objectives and then discuss these with the stakeholders.

However, Mr Rye warned that organizations need to be constantly reviewing and updating their data management and governance systems.

"The initial implementation … should be treated as a formal project, but once finished the governance activities will need constant care and feeding," he added.

Alessandro Moretti, volunteer member from Switzerland of the (ISC)2 Board of Directors and a senior risk and security executive in financial services, said that good data governance is crucial to security, reported.

Posted by Paul Newton