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IT sector accused of putting technology above data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The IT industry is becoming too dependent on technology at the expense of data management standards, it has been claimed.

Speaking ZDNet, Interarbor Solutions principal analyst Dana Gardner says that the IT sector is being driven by new technologies and tools, while the actual information being used is not being taken into consideration.

Mr Gardner says that his results in a "general insensitivity" to data management.

Consequently, many of the solutions used in IT do not work efficiently, Mr Gardener explained, adding: "A lot of the solutions might work, but they don't last, and they don't, generally speaking, get the right information to the right person at the right time."

An example of this in action may well be found in the clinical research sector.

The Drug Information Association recently expressed concern about data quality safeguards in clinical research, following swift uptake of computerized systems in recent years.

Posted by Paul Newton