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IT sector data quality is 'poor'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Firms are increasingly looking to integrate their data management systems with their business management, new research has revealed.

This follows a year where a survey of executives found that 20 per cent considered the quality of information they got from their IT departments as "poor".

Businesses will be increasingly looking to hire "data-integration" architects and specialists capable of accurately sorting and standardizing data, the research from Gartner found.

Debra Logan, vice president and distinguished analyst at the IT research firm, said: "Information management has never been an explicit job role: IT manages the technology, business manages the domain, but who manages the information? Companies have allowed a huge gap to open up, and consequently, everyone has been the manager of their own information."

"The only way to manage information better is to manage information better with people."

Gartner also forecast an increase in IT spending from businesses in 2010, with a rise of 4.6 per cent expected by the end of the year.