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IT security benefits 'must be learnt early'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Better education regarding IT security is required in order to protect data management systems in the workplace, it is claimed.

Martyn Ruks, technical director at MWR InfoSecurity, believes that children should be educated about IT security while still at school, showing the positive, rather than simply restrictive, function it serves.

He feels that adding these skills early will help ensure that companies taking on younger workers maintain the integrity of their data management processes.

Mr Ruks added: "I think there is certainly a lack of a very positive spin on what kind of skills are needed and how those skills can actually be used in the workplace.

"I think from that point then it reflects on the kind of skills and training of professionals in the security industry."

Research from Cisco suggests that there is a "startling" lack of concern about security among students and young professionals.

Posted by Paul Newton