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IT spending set to grow in 2011

Rachel Wheeler Archive
An increasing number of businesses may be looking to improve their data management offerings after Gartner revealed that worldwide IT spending is forecast to reach $2.4 trillion in 2011.

The research body claimed that the rise will represent a 3.1 per cent increase from 2010 spending figures of $2.4 trillion.

“The transformation in IT spending will accelerate individual corporate change,” Peter Sondergaard, senior vice-president at Gartner and global head of research, said..

“We are on a one way trip towards the IT driven intelligence society - driven by the consumer - where growing access to this growing universe of data gives us the opportunity to not only make better decisions, but to make smarter decisions.”

Indeed, the expert added that any improvements in IT access and skills can contribute to “individual welfare, increase national productivity and output and improve productivity”.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Michael Vizard used his IT Business Edge blog to claim that businesses would be able to save costs by unifying their data management.

Posted by Paul Newman