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IT workers facing smaller budgets and more compliance requirements

Rachel Wheeler Archive
IT security workers will be stretched to the limit this year as circumstances contrive to make data management more difficult.

With the economic climate still volatile, most firms are cutting budgets across the board, according to Michael Hamelin, chief security architect with Tufin Technologies.

This means that IT departments will have fewer resources to deal with data management. Combined with an ever-changing threat landscape and an increasing amount of regulation and compliance issues regarding data management, IT departments will have their work cut out.

"Whilst dealing with heterogeneous networking and IT environments is now an integral part of the modern IT security function, one unfortunate fact of life is that meeting the needs of a rising tide of security compliance needs can prove to be an expensive option," Mr Hamelin explained.

Nicko van Someren, Plus Good Technology's chief technical officer, recently warned that corporate IT departments will also have to consider how their security process will cope with increased use of mobile devices in the workplace.

Posted by Richard Jones