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Jones: Investing in data quality tools is a good idea

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Some businesses may not understand the value that data quality technology presents when running an organization. However, these solutions can offer much more than address verification or email validation.

Writing for the Data Roundtable, Dylan Jones remarks that data quality tools can be a great resource when a business is first setting up a management program that creates structure for processes such as billing and service delivery.

"They provide a huge amount of stability in trying to tackle process control issues," Jones says. "They help you spot issues that increase lead times and reduce the quality of the final product or service."

He explains that companies often realize there is a great deal of variation in their operations when they first take the time to examine how their business runs and how it manages information. That can apply to the length of time it takes to deliver a product, documenting invoices and communicating between departments and companies, Jones adds.

Achieving standardization in regard to data quality is just the first step in overhauling the way a business runs, Jones comments, but DQ technology can be a central component of achieving transparency and insight into your company's operations.