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Keeping data management projects on track

Richard Jones Archive
Retail organizations are increasingly coming upon customer and internal information that can be used to enhance operations. However, decision-makers need to ensure they do not underestimate the complexity of these resources, as doing so will likely impair data quality and make initiatives using the information less effective, according to a report by RFP Connect.

Data management programs should be driven by the overall business but backed up by technology and governed by advanced monitoring tools, the news source said. This will increase the odds of success for the initiatives while simultaneously minimizing challenges that may emerge in the long run.

Furthermore, decision-makers should have a clear picture of their end goals in mind, RFP Connect said. This will give executives unique insight into any deviations crop up and disrupt operations or overall analytic strategies.

In the end, companies should not leave anything to chance and should plan everything out well in advance. By establishing goals and monitoring progress, organizations can ensure their information remains accurate and available, two essential characteristics of any big data project.