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Lack of clarity on Nooksack zip code causes problems

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Problems with zip code verification in the town of Nooksack in Washington State are having possible financial repercussions, reports the Bellingham Herald.

Addresses officially within the city limits of Nooksack are listed by major search engine Google as being within nearby Everson, as the Nooksack post office became a substation almost 20 years ago.

As a result, the zip code once used for Nooksack has only applied to post office boxes, leading to years of problems with mail deliveries and utility bills not ending up at the right address.

Also of crucial importance is the issue of tax revenue, which tends to end up in Everson as well. Virginia Radder, Nooksack treasurer, told the paper: "Nooksack addresses are showing up as Everson in most systems, so Everson gets the tax revenue. Everyone uses the US post office database and Nooksack doesn't exist in that database."

In related zip code validation news, Norton Shores in west Michigan lacks its own zip code, despite being one of the biggest cities in the region, reports the Muskegon Chronicle.