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Launching into new horizons with Global Intuitive

Here at Experian Data Quality, we help our clients ensure that their address data quality is up to date and accurate. We also help you provide the best user experience possible for your customers thanks to our recent launch of Global Intuitive real-time address verification. Each year, we process more than 3 billion transactions across every country and territory on Earth. Cool, right? While that may be the case, we’re not stopping there.

We’ve been working hard at combing data from numerous sources and building an address capture engine to create an API we’re really proud of. Today we’re happy to announce our first leap beyond Earth into our solar system with LunarCapture: an intuitive address capture API for the moon!

With more and more clients investing in geographic expansion, the natural next step would be growing into adjacent planets in our solar system. We want to help you make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve. By providing address capture for the moon, you can ensure that any future rocket-delivered mail, parcels, cargo, or life forms will get to the right place on the moon the first time around.

As we all know, having accurate and up-to-date lunar address data is vital to ensuring you can gain deep insight into your customers, and preventing inaccurate records from being captured is a giant leap in your data quality ambitions.

With an estimated cost of $200-300k per flight to the moon, let’s just say that rocket redelivery costs are sky high! And they’re liable to explosions. So it’s even more important to ensure that you have the most current and accurate lunar data to ensure your deliveries aren’t being sent incorrectly.

In addition to out of this world address capture, we’re also introducing the ability to append latitude, longitude, and altitude coordinates for each address accurate to the lunar node delivery level. Earth to moon distances to enable you to find the shortest paths. Gravitational force per flight help you can ensure you’re not sending anything that can’t withstand the pressure. Crater measurements such as depths, radius, and circumference enable you to create 3D model flight paths. Last but not least, you’ll be able to predict rocket flight times to the moon, which will help you provide estimated delivery times for your customers.

We’re currently working with rocket delivery partners to provide you with subsidies for using Experian Data Quality’s APIs. Our partners trust that when you’re using Experian Data Quality’s APIs, you’ll have the most accurate data available.

While this is just the first step toward planetary address capture, we will continue to invest in opportunities on Mars as the logical next step—so look out for more. This is the API you’re looking for.

If our LunarCapture is too spacey for you, check out our more terrestrial real-time address verification--guaranteed to capture accurate addresses right here on Earth.

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