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Lead generators are always hungry!

Last week, Experian Data Quality attended LeadsCon West in Las Vegas, marking our second booth appearance at the show. Things are really heating up in the lead generation space;  it seems that lead generators have an endless craving to discover new ways to further their business and find the next best thing in data technology. And why wouldn’t they? After all, more, better leads can mean more customers and more opportunities.

While there are a number of more and different leads can be found, making the most of data is a void lead generators are hungry to fill.  Here are just a few examples of areas where data can be used to benefit lead generators.

  1. Using accredited data sources to better understand leads. Lead generators are seeking ways to provide better context to the leads they develop, from their intent to purchase a product or service, to even their ability to pay for it. Using trustworthy data sources around things like marketing and credit information can help provide desired insight, the caveat being ensuring that the data being is being used in regulation-compliant ways.
  1. Diversifying lead generation efforts. While lead generators are often very niche, more and more often they are looking to expand outside their specific focus, such as a company that sells automotive leads looking to now expand into insurance leads. The way for a lead generator to diversify their traffic while maintaining quality is to create customized models that identify the highest likely to convert leads specific to that larger umbrella.

If you’re a lead generator hungry for more, learn how data enrichment can help you gather more and better quality leads.