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Leadership, infrastructure and alignment key for customer experience success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Co-ordinated internal infrastructure, cultural alignment and strong leadership provide businesses with a good environment for customer experience initiatives to prosper.

This is according to a report by, which noted that many organizations often struggle to put an effective strategy into place.

The news provider explained that a majority of companies put their customer experience initiatives in the hands of lower-level managers who lack resources, budget and influence.

"Definitions of customer experience still largely deal with fixing problems, not providing proactive service, relevant communications and differentiation," the article added.

In addition to this, organizations must ensure that their initiatives are flexible and adaptable to future change, with new technology and communication channels changing customer expectations at a rapid rate.

"Because of such uncertainty, it's more important than ever to align internal people, processe, and technology to be prepared to meet whatever customer experience obstacles and opportunities may be on the horizon," the article said.

Meanwhile, new research from the Aberdeen Group has suggested that making the customer experience unique will be a key objective for retailers over the coming two years.

Posted by Paul Newman