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Level of returned mail 'must be controlled'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers must work hard to ensure that they reduce the level of returned mail from direct mailing campaigns in order to cut unnecessary costs.

Writing for DMNews, Beatriz Santin, marketing director of Experian QAS, highlights the fact that many organizations fail to address the reasons why post is undeliverable.

She notes that the proliferation of poor contact data quality is often caused by a number of factors, but one common problem is the difference between physical and mailing addresses.

"A physical address is the location where an individual or business resides, while a mailing address is where the postal service delivers correspondence. While these addresses are often one and the same, there are instances where they differ," she explains.

Ms Santin recommends that businesses take advantage of the United States Postal Service's (USPS®) address verification tool, which will alert marketers if there is a problem with customer address data.

US citizens can also take advantage of the USPS address verification service, as it is available on the company's website.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler