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List churn must be countered, marketers told

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers have been warned about the dangers of not regularly checking and verifying customer contact details.

DMNews reports that the majority of businesses face a 30 per cent attrition rate on contact data every year.

The news provider highlights the fact that every business database suffers from an "infectious disease" known as list churn.

"List churn reduces your e-mail deliverability, open rates, click-throughs, and overall performance. The net results? Decreased revenues and profits," DMNews explained.

"List churn also forces you to spend more of your marketing budget on costly customer acquisition campaigns because … your house file is shrinking before your very eyes."

The comments could inspire a number of businesses to find out how address verification solutions can be used to ensure accuracy and deliverability of marketing messages.

Indeed, the article gives a number of tips to organizations to help them minimize the risk and scope of list churn. These involve validating data at the point of registration and testing addresses before embarking on a costly marketing campaign.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler