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List data is an 'outstanding marketing tool'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The importance of good quality mailing lists to help increase a company's consumer base has been highlighted by an article by

According to the report, consumer mailing lists and business mailing lists serve an important purpose for organizations that are looking to carry out direct mail campaigns.

The ability to target specific audience demographics as well as increase the number of participants taking part in promotions were two reasons given by the website to invest in the lists, which can contain information such as address data or personal facts.

However, it warned that US marketers needed to ensure that any lists purchased must be as up-to-date as possible, or they risked wasting valuable advertising budgets.

"Most list brokers keep up with the USPSĀ® National Change of Address databases, as well as collect information from magazine subscriptions, county court records, and various other means," the article added.

"The more sources of information that a company uses to create these lists, the more likely it will be current."

Target Marketing Magazine recently reported that 94 per cent of marketers believe that personalized marketing, achieved by accurate data quality pertaining to customer information, would result in better ROI.

Posted by Paul Newton