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'Little excuse' for businesses not to have a website

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to enhance their online presence have been given some advice by an industry expert.

Speaking to Stuff magazine, The Web Showroom has said that there is "little excuse" for organizations not to have their own website in this day and age.

However, David Lawrence, managing director of the company, explained that it is important that businesses understand what they want to gain from the venture before building it.

"Everyone has something that they want their website to do, be it lead generation, or selling off or online," he told the news provider.

The comments may encourage a number of organizations to think about upgrading their website technology by adding address verification tools to their site.

Mr Lawrence added that once people understand their site's mission, it drives all other decisions.

In addition, the industry expert advised businesses to avoid building a site that is slow to load "slow sites do not attract users", he said. "They just close the window … [consumers] just want the contact details and [they] want the page to load fast."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler