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Localism should be the 'focus' of marketer's next campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers have been advised to "inject a dose of localism" into their next campaigns, with consumers increasingly looking to buy "in their own backyards".

The news could inspire a number of businesses in the country to invest in address verification tools to improve the accuracy of their customer contact data within a particular region.

Writing for DM News, Steven Bisbee, president of Cogster, explained that targeting a more local demographic can help organizations reach a new breed of consumer and drive loyalty to a "new level".

"For marketers with a community, regional or specific geographic focus, incorporating tactics that nod to the growing 'buy local' sentiment simply means adding one more technique toward increasing campaign effectiveness," the expert explained.

Meanwhile, a recent article published by the news provider claimed that businesses should view their customers as their most important asset.

Failing to do this can result in damage being caused to customer relationships and a breakdown in communications and analysis.

Posted by Richard Jones