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Log data hailed as vital aspect of data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations can improve their data management strategies by retaining and optimizing all log data, it has been argued.

Pete Boergermann, assistant vice-president and technical support manager at Citizens & Northern Bank, noted that the advent of Web 2.0 and cloud computing has led to a "data deluge" that organizations across all industries can struggle to deal with.

"While this data explosion presents logistical challenges from a data management perspective, it also offers a wealth of opportunities for organizations that are able to leverage this information effectively," he said in an article for

However, he also suggested that while organizations may try a range of strategies in order to better manage their data, they may often overlook the basic importance of collecting and making best use of log data.

Indeed, Mr Boergermann claimed that there is a "wealth" of options for businesses seeking to leverage the data stored in their logs and ensure maximum return on investment such as streamlining IT operations and event management.

Posted by Richard Jones