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London follows US lead in data transparency

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new website which stores up-to-date social data and informatics on the city of London, England, was announced today.

Mayor Boris Johnson said that the move followed the US ideas of making data available for anyone to use.

The "London Datastore" will house information on local planning decisions, crime rates, abandoned vehicle listings, house prices and other metrics such as traffic reports and flu rates.

Announcing the move in a live link-up to the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, which is currently being held in Las Vegas, the London mayor was joined by President Obama's chief technology officer Aneesh Chopra and Linda Cureton, the chief information officer of Nasa.

Mr Chopra said: "We applaud City Hall's bold advance into the exciting frontier of open government.

"Based on our experience with and other open government initiatives, I am certain that the London Datastore will foster greater trust in government among your citizens, stimulate excellence in public sector performance, and motivate British software innovators to develop programs that will add immensely to the value of government data sets."

The website is set to become fully operational on January 29th.