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Long-term relationships must be formed by e-retailers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers have been advised to form long-term relationships with their customers if they want their e-commerce conversion rates to rise.

PC Pro has compiled a list of ideas designed to help businesses boost their sales, with the news provider highlighting the need for good customer service.

"It's easier to sell to a current customer than find a new one," PC Pro explained.

"Once a customer has signed up to your mailing list and bought from you, they should go onto a different mailing list only for customers."

The news may encourage e-retailers to invest in address verification tools, to ensure that customer details are accurate and up to date.

Furthermore, the news provider recommends that customers are only sent emails sparingly and only ones of genuine value.

Earlier this month, Carole White used the website to highlight how organizations can use e-commerce platforms to lower their costs and become more accessible to customers.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler