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Loyalty can be improved with good customer experience

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customer experience can have a profound impact on loyalty among organization's target consumers, it has been claimed.

This is the opinion of Bruce Temkin, managing partner of the Temkin Group, who noted that businesses should only invest in improving their customer experience processes if they fully understood how it will help increase loyalty among their target audience.

Writing for, he explained that companies need to look at two core competencies when they look at making improvements to customer experience management.

These include changing the way in which their brand is perceived by consumers and introducing measures which will help to shape and change these views.

"Customer experience efforts need to focus on creating the attitudes that reinforce the goals of your brand and the behaviors that support your business objectives," Mr Temkin added.

"Companies don't succeed just because of great customer experience. They succeed when their customer experience supports their overall business and brand strategy."

Posted by Paul Newman