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Loyalty schemes 'aid customer retention'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses can give themselves a major boost with the use of a customer loyalty scheme.

Sarah Cross, managing director of marketing specialists uber, says that it is vital for web sellers to look at ways to retain customers in this difficult economic climate.

In all the time uber has spent looking at ways to improve retention, Ms Cross explains, simple loyalty schemes prove their effectiveness time and time again.

"Getting loyalty right can have a huge impact on your business and staff, getting it wrong can equally have a huge impact in the wrong way," she suggested.

Any firm introducing a loyalty scheme needs to measures success on a regular basis, Ms Cross adds, in order to stay informed of consumer trends that may help the business.

Bruce Temkin, author of the Temkin Group report Customer Experience Correlates to Loyalty, says that improving customer retention has become a priority issue for all businesses since the financial crisis.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler