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Mail firms can use address verification to battle competition

Rachel Wheeler Archive

As US mail firms and delivery companies increasingly battle for business in the global recession they should implement address verification software.

Materials Handling World Magazine stated that as companies buy out rivals and aim to get better market positions the way they manage deliveries becomes essential, which could lead to a need for address verification software.

It stated: "Priorities for mail and express carriers include winning and retaining the most profitable business, planning and managing deliveries at both macro and micro level in the most cost-effective way and meeting or exceeding customers' service level requirements."

Other technology can help to pinpoint an exact zip code and location for the property, so avoiding mis-deliveries.

The importance of address verification software was highlighted yesterday, when it was found lost mail is preventing US veterans from receiving compensation money.

A report from the said campaign group Veterans-for-Change wants a computerized system to be installed, adding US Mail is becoming "famous" for losing the post or dropping it off at the wrong house.