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Mail marketers and USPS open web forum

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Several marketers have joined with USPS to set up an online forum in which to discuss the direction the postal service should move. will explore the evolution of USPS as a central part of the country's communications service, as well as discuss ways in which the federal government can bolster the effectiveness of the service.

Ken Garner, president and chief executive of the national trade association for the Mailing and Fulfillment Services (MFSA), said to that the site was created after the fiscal problems of USPS this year, and to find a way to work through them.

He added: "Whether we like it or not, the agency is necessary for the survival of MFSA and its members, and so any time you have financial hemorrhaging like this going on, you have to be concerned."'s president, Gene Del Polito, has already published several reports outlining the needs of the postal service and potential business models which the USPS can adopt in order to move forward.