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Mail order firm criticizes zip code change

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A mail order company in Arizona has stated that a recent zip code change in the state has come at the wrong time.

According to Patrick Dykes, who owns Patrick's Antique Cars and Trucks in Casa Grande, the cost of ordering new supplies and paying personnel to change address information with vendors, utilities and customers could cost millions of dollars, Arizona City News reports.

He told the news provider he mails about 25,000 catalogues to customers each year and about 10,000 of those need to be ordered one year in advance.

"The zip code needs to be changed on everything - insurance forms, vendors, utility bills, correspondence for bids - everything. And then there is the cost of paying a staff member to do that work," commented Mr Dykes.

Last week, reported that direct mailing is increasingly becoming more expensive and postal rates have risen by an average of 11.7 per cent in the past year.