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Mailers 'should not dismiss Priority Mail'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
While many mailers assume that Priority Mail is only useful for sending small packages, a service exists within this product for letters and flats too.

The Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) is also available to mail through a variety of processing categories and mailing classes, according to Windowbook's Postal Concierge.

A spokesperson for the group said: "If you have problem delivery areas, or remote destinations, such as Alaska, Hawaii, or Guam, you may want to consider using PMOD to drop ship your Standard Mail or periodicals mail to entry points in those locations.

"You can also use PMOD to speed up normal delivery times for Standard Mail. Using PMOD to drop ship Standard Mail can provide close to First-Class delivery standards without paying First-Class postage."

The service was also highlighted as a cost-efficient way for marketers who send volumes of periodicals or Standard Mail to numerous "entry points".

If used for small volume points, PMOD could provide users with similar delivery times and discounts as they are used to, the firm added.