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Mailing list is the 'most important part of direct mail campaigns'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers looking to implement direct mail campaigns should focus most of their efforts on ensuring that their mailing lists are well segmented and managed, it has been claimed.

This is the opinion of expert Christine Ema, who highlighted the importance of an effective list in an interview with Paper Specs.

According to Ms Ema, it is vital that the address data is current and correct to enhance the chances that businesses will be able to contact potential customers.

"If you're not reaching the right person or the right audience, the creative and the offer is of no value," she told the news provider.

"There's nothing worse than not being able to reach one of your top customers because they've moved and you haven't updated your mailing list."

In addition, Ms Ema stated that marketers should employ multi-channel methods to get in contact with customers, with direct mail being a main focus point.

Organizations looking to start direct mail campaigns could utilize address verification software to ensure that mail reaches its intended destination.

Posted by Richard Jones