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Mailing lists must be current and accurate

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Organizations should ensure that their mailing lists are accurate and up-to-date if they want to reach the maximum number of consumers, it has been claimed.

Writing for Overnight Prints, Mark Haslan highlights the fact that companies can significantly enhance their response rates by effectively targeting customers.

To achieve this he recommends that they invest in a high-quality mailing list, which can play a "critical role in the overall success of a direct mail marketing campaign".

By using mailing lists, marketers have the ability to specifically target different demographics and appeal to individual groups.

Organizations utilizing direct mail as a means of communicating with potential customers may wish to use address verification software in order to ensure that costs incurred through returned mail are minimized.

A recent article for suggested that US businesses may want to take advantage of bulk mailing and bulk mailing lists in order to raise awareness of their company.

The report added that when done correctly direct mail has the potential to be more cost effective and targeted than other communication and advertising mediums.

Posted By Rachel Wheeler