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Majority of businesses adopting cloud services

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The majority of US and UK organizations are now using some form of cloud computing service, a new study has found.

According to the results of the Mimecast Cloud Adoption Survey, 51 per cent of businesses are now using at least one element of the technology, while 66 per cent are thinking about adopting more cloud-based solutions.

In addition, 72 per cent of enterprises questioned believe that their end-user experience has improved since moving to the service and 73 per cent report a reduction in infrastructure costs.

Peter Bauer, chief executive officer of Mimecast, said that it was a "great" sign that the cloud had been adopted by the majority of organizations.

"The fact that more than 50 per cent of businesses are now using cloud-based applications is hugely encouraging for the industry," he adds.

"And [it is] a clear indication that IT is increasingly willing to innovate in order to get better value for money, increased reliability and greater control of their data."

Business connectivity provider Star recently claimed that the benefits of cloud-based services will ensure it sustains its popularity as a method of data storage.

Posted by Paul Newman