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Majority of companies experience virtualization problems, study says

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses around the world continue to adopt virtualization technologies to enhance efficiency and reduce IT expenses. According to a new study by Quantum, however, roughly 90 percent of companies are struggling to maintain data quality and backup solutions.

Part of the problem is that more than 40 percent of organizations said they recently experienced an influx of information, which has made guaranteeing data quality more difficult. Another 25 percent said they had trouble backing up records at remote offices after deploying virtualization technologies, the study noted.

"The benefits of virtualization are well established and more businesses are looking to extend these benefits to their environments," Quantum senior vice president Robert Clark said. "However, this survey shows that while organizations are adopting virtualization as part of their data center, they often run into unforeseen challenges with data protection."

As the business landscape continues to change, data quality is becoming more important than ever. While virtualization can keep information secure, enabling managers to apply analyses to the decision-making process, IT executives must maintain virtual environments. This may require hiring a third-party monitoring company.