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Majority of firms 'do not understand CRM'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Over 87 per cent of small firms in the US are not satisfied with their customer relationship management (CRM) systems, it has been revealed.

Research carried out by the Sales Lead Management Association also indicates 62.5 per cent of firms do not track the return of investment on their CRM systems, while 55.5 per cent do not qualify sales enquiries before they distribute them to their sales channel.

Executive director James Obermayer commented that sales-lead management requires more than buying software and expecting it to take the responsibility of increasing productivity.

He went on to say the study findings "suggest that many companies continue to struggle with this fundamental business process".

Earlier this week, customer service advice group DB Kay and CRM software provider Consona commented that firms providing CRM services must remember that brands are driven and maintained through service and support.

The groups added that the executives able to understand this new vision will be the most likely to succeed.