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Make marketing budgets go further with data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketing budgets are often tight, with the expectation that a company should achieve major results with a small investment. In email and direct mail campaigns, this can be possible if the business is paying attention to data quality, as well as its promotional message.

With the use of deduplication software or an address management solution, an enterprise may be able to cut down on waste that results from sending the same message or piece of mail to one person multiple times.

Data can also have a strategic function in marketing campaigns, Tricia Gellman reports for Business 2 Community. By having accurate records of all your contacts and details on their communication preferences and buying histories, you may be able to create more targeted messages.

"Good data allows organizations to connect with the right audiences and engage in ways that enhance a customer's experience," she says. Gellman also notes that in a world heavily focused on social media, "it's more important than ever to interact with customers in the right way; failure to do so can make a company appear aloof and careless."