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Managed servers 'reduce corporate headaches'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Internet retailers using address verification software can save themselves a major headache by using cloud services, it is suggested.

EuroCloud says that outsourcing server management to a third party can relieve companies of a significant burden on their finances and time, freeing up resources to push the company forward.

Furthermore, using a managed server means that the operation is constantly updated with the latest technologies and capabilities, again relieving the business itself of the pressure of having run updates.

Phil Wainewright, vice-chairman for EuroCloud, said that many smaller companies are concerned about the security of managed servers, but this is unfounded.

"It's important to remember that cloud providers have got firewalls and a lot of security in place and in most cases, the security that you're getting from a cloud provider is probably greater than the security you've got on in-house servers," he added.

Research from Gartner suggests that increased levels of competition in the platform-as-a-service market will lead to good value opportunities for consumers in this sector.

Posted by Richard Jones